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Microchip Your Dog

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

It's the Law!

Did you know that it is a San Angelo City Ordinance that you must microchip your dog! Even if it wasn't the law it is still a really good idea to microchip your dog (or CAT). It is the best way to locate your furry family member is they are ever lost.

The Concho Kennel Club microchips through a program called AKC Reunite.

It is one of the safest chips on the market; it is made of medical grade bio-glass. The chip is international (for you travelers and military members) and can be read by almost any chip reader. With AKC reunite the fee is a "one and done." AKC will never ask for more money to keep your fur baby in their database; they may contact you via email to check and see if your information is current.

The Number One reason a chipped pet is not returned is because the owner did not keep the pet's information correct or up to date in the database!

We Will Microchip Your Dog, Your Cat,

Even Your Pet Pig!

Make sure your pet is a safe as possible! It takes longer to fill out the brief enrollment form than it does to microchip your pet. So, bring your dog, cat (they must be at least 8-10 weeks of age to chip) to Preston's Play Yard and we will take good care of your pet!


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