Our Juniors

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Sai Jokai with "Kensi"

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As soon as Sai turned 9 in July of 2017, she decided she wanted to do Junior Showmanship. She had been to a few shows to watch the family Vizsla compete. At one of these shows she fell in love with Dobermans. In November of 2017 Sai met her show mentor, Ashlee Clagegett. Sai walked up to Ashlee and stated"Miss Ashlee will you please teach me to show Dobermans and please put me on your puppy waiting list?" She continued "I don't care about the color, because structure and temperment are most important." This began a beautiful journey. Sai started junior, showing her mentors beautiful red bitch called Lizzee and they quickly got their novice wins and moved into open. Sai now has two Dobermans to show! She is very excited for the next chapters of this wonderful adventure and wants to thank everyone who supports her dream!

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Kadyn and "Ben"

Kadyn is an 8 year old who loves dogs. Then, she started watching her Grandmother, with CKC President Marilyn Sanders, practicing “run throughs” for an upcoming dog show. Kadyn said she wanted to try being a Junior Handler. She is showing a Tibetan Spaniel named Ben in breed until she turns 9, then she will be in Juniors.  The dog show in Abilene Texas was held the third weekend in May, 2019. Kadyn took Best of Breed on Saturday and Best of Opposite Sex on Sunday. She earned a total of 4 points towards her dog’s Grand Champion on Silver. Her success would not have been possible without the seller entrusting her with an awesome dog or without Marilyn’s patience and guidance. Kadyn also receives mentorship from another junior in the club, Sai Jokai. The CKC would like to congratulate Kadyn on her wonderful first show!